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Use the right fire extinguisher. Types of fire and fire extinguishers | fire extinguisher in hindi.

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This will also break the tamper seal.

How to use fire extinguisher in hindi pdf. Ensure you remain a safe distance from the fire and remove the safety pin (fig 3). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placement of the fire extinguisher and secure using the correct bracket. This will break the tamper seal.

It is intended to give reasonable assurance that the fire extinguisher is fully charged. 3.3.2 in case of fire: Secure the fire extinguisher at a height that can be reached by both adults and students.

Click an image below to download it. Foam extinguishers create a foam barrier preventing the fuel from coming in contact with oxygen. Most fire extinguishers operate using the following p.a.s.s.

Inspection is a quick check that a fire extinguisher is available and is in operating condition. Aim low, pointing the extinguisher nozzle (or its horn or hose) at the base of the fire. The pressure gauge should be in the green zone at all times.

Squeeze the operating lever to discharge the fire extinguishing agent. Notify occupants to clear the area immediately and sound the building alarm. Types of extinguishers (cont) water/foam.

Starting at the recommended distance, sweep the nozzle or hose from side to side until the fire is out. It is not designed to fight large fires that are burning out of control. How to use fire extinguisher in hindi pdf.

Fire safety and fire extinguisher use is an. This extinguisher should be inspected at regular intervals (monthly or more often if circumstances dictate) to insure that it is ready for use. Do not touch the plastic discharge horn on co2 extinguishers, it gets very cold and may damage skin.

Report the use of the fire extinguisher to the fire safety officer or supervisor. (the fire rating shall be declared by the manufacturer) 2. Each rating denotes the type of fire the extinguisher can be effectively used against.

Suitable for more than one type of fire. The firm shall declare the varieties of fire extinguishers they intend to cover in the licence. Our free pass fire extinguisher use poster download fits perfectly on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.

Nevertheless, they are very valuable in the early stages of a fire when used promptly and effectively. Works by cooling the fire and coating the fuel. Before attempting to fight a fire with a fire extinguisher it is important to check that it is fully charged (fig.

Aim the nozzle or hose at the base of the fire from the recommended safe distance. Use this guide to determine which class of fire extinguisher you should purchase to keep your home or workplace safe. To prevent the fire, other than having adequate systems in place, one should have educated and trained manpower as well.

L this extinguisher must not be operated with the discharge hose removed. Secure relevant safety signs above or adjacent to the fire extinguisher as. Fire involving energised electrical equipment e.g.

How to use fire extinguisher pdf. If a fire extinguisher must be used it is crucial that the. The fire extinguisher for a class c fire should be based on the amount of the class a or class b component.

• when you leave the building Know the location of all fire extinguishers in your facility. The area in front of the extinguisher shall be kept clear at all times.

Point the hose directly at the base of the fire, because you have to put out the. Aim the hose at the base of the fire. L only use genuine extinguishants and spares in conformity with manufacturer’s instructions.

1) and the safety pin is not bent (fig. Dear all, fire hazards in industries are very dormant and cause heavy loses. Fire extinguisher of each type of extinguishing media, nominal capacity and fire rating shall be tested to cover that particular variety in the scope of the licence.

Hold the lower handle lever (the carrying handle) with one hand and grab the hose or nozzle with the other hand. Extinguisher training 29 cfr 1910.157 objectives • understand basic firefighting concepts: Down load it now for free and place one wherever you have a fire extinguisher.

L this extinguisher is a pressurised vessel and must not be pierced, dented, or subjected to external damage, fire or disposed of in a fire. This extinguisher is designed for use against small fires that just started and are small enough to fight safely. It is better to prevent fire than to control them once they have started.

5 how to use an extinguisher 5.1 water fire extinguisher 1. हाल ही में दिल्ली के एक होटल में आग लगने से कई लोगों की मौत हो गई. In this video you will learn on how to use a fire extinguisher and to not let a fire for promotions and advertisements in the comment and we.

Extinguisher training 29 cfr 1910.157 objectives • understand basic firefighting concepts: Move forward or around the fire area as the fire diminishes. Wood, paper, cloth, rubber and some plastics.

Free printable food safety posters free printable • know where fire extinguishers are located and what class they are. Can cause shock hazard on class c fires can cause liquids in. Provision of unsuitable types, incorrect operation, or improper maintenance of the extinguishers have, at times

Some types of extinguishers will be ineffective against certain classes of fires, while others could actually make the. Pass fire extinguisher use is the most popular method of using a fire extinguisher. Fire fighting decision criteria •know labs emergency procedures and evacuation routes •know locations of extinguishers in your area and how to use them •always sound the alarm regardless of fire size •avoid smoky conditions •ensure area is evacuated •never use lifts to evacuate •don’tattempt to fight unless:

Fire extinguishers should be inspected on a monthly basis. How to use fire extinguisher in hindi pdf. Fire extinguishers should be mounted on the wall to prevent being damaged.

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