How To Fill Background On Procreate

All other file types will add a white background once you go through the export process. Dragging and dropping colors can also be done from color swatches in a procreate color palette instead of the active color (button).

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We want to go ahead and fill in the blank areas in the center.

How to fill background on procreate. Tap the checkmark on your background layer to uncheck it. Then you must complete the actual product design while being sure to layer and fill in each layer with color. The first step we need to take to create a logo with procreate is open a new canvas and turn off the visibility of the background layer.

After that, you can release your hold on the pencil. Put your pencil on the color panel icon and hold it down. Create a new layer and fill it with one of the colors you’d like used in the gradient.

Next, uncheck the box to the right. A place for procreate feature requests and constructive feedback. Then drag your pencil onto an object in your canvas.

Create a new layer with an ellipse selection that is filled with the other color. The text appears in your currently selected color. Procreate brush pack lettering, procreate brushes.

Once the procreate design is completed, you are ready to do the clipping mask and to clip the top layer to the bottom layer. How to animate in procreate: This will hide the background layer and make it transparent.

The first thing you must do is make sure the photo or file you import is prepared properly. You’ll want to have your teacup, background, and lemons in a group together. The last layer will always be the background color layer.

Tap and drag your pen from the active color button to the area you want to fill on your drawing. First, we’ll animate the spoon stirring in the tea stirring in the tea (or coffee, whatever your thing is!). Color will automatically fill inside of object

How to fill transparent in procreate. Apply a gaussian blur to the ellipse layer. Make a radial gradient in procreate.

Make sure the object is on its own layer for a more precise fill. Keep your pen down on the canvas for the next step. To make a transparent background in procreate, open your layers panel and scroll down to the layer at the bottom of the list that shows your art’s background.

Merge both layers together, resulting in a radial gradient. Procreate’s fill tool is called colordrop, and it's as simple as dragging the color from the top right of the canvas and dropping it wherever you want it to go. Considering that procreate doesn’t come with the ability to create offsets, we have to create them manually by blurring a duplicate copy of the subject, creating a selection from it, and then filling that selection, on a new layer, with white fill.

Hold down apple pencil and drag into desired object. Create a cute gif of a tea cup.

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