Rates depend on the specific case and region. The quality of service far outweighs the costs when a professional is needed to investigate a subject for someone.


Having an education in criminal justice or a related field can help you become a private investigator, but is not necessary.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator in the philippines. In addition, zele offer all private investigation and detective services at local and affordable rates. The cost of hiring a private investigator need not be expensive at all if you first do some simple preparation. Now matter who you choose, read our important philippines investigator advisory.

When you go into meet with the investigator, be sure to bring any information relevant to the case you want him to work. Furthermore, when you hire a private investigator from zele philippines, you know that you are getting real assistance directly from the philippines, and not from overseas. With a team of over 200+ private investigators operating globally and across the uk and london, we provide affordable private investigator services for all.

For example, curtis moore investigation charges $55 to $75 per hour. Hire a private investigator to do a catfish investigation. I am going to explain to you how get value for money from a from a private investigator.

The basic fee is p500 per hour for “plain consultation.”. Conveniently, all of the information in this section is available in my handy ebook, “the private investigator’s licensing handbook. Trace a person / address.

Search for the person’s name, email or phone number. A greater amount of experience usually means that the pi commits to providing results to his or her client. It’s common for private investigators to charge by the hour, particularly for jobs that are lengthy and involve extensive research.

Why pay extra for a. Therefore, getting a background check philippines, filipino investigation, premarital check or due diligence check is an important security decision. Philippine pi professional, confidential investigations cost 20% to 30% less than our competitors.

How much does a private investigator make? Our trained and experienced local and expat private investigators, staff, and management all have police and/or military background. If you’d prefer to run your own.

The cost of hiring a private investigator. A monthly retainship should start at p5,000. The base salary for private investigator ranges from $39,102 to $58,502 with the average base salary of $48,402.

The total cash compensation, which includes base, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $39,802 to $59,302 with the average total cash compensation of $48,402. Now that you understand how to hire a private investigator, use this list of states to start your search for a professional in your local area. The ebook, which is available at amazon.com for just $3.69 (paperback is available for $14.95), explains how to.

This means to hire a quality private investigator, the client usually pays more for services. Don’t be a victim of a fraudulent investigator or amateur with. We assist individuals and corporate clients to reduce the risk from fraud and scams, and we specialize in verifying relationships.

Full day service includes 9 hours of surveillance or investigation time. Another factor to consider when choosing a private investigator is the cost of such an extensive professional investigation. If you instruct us by using the trace form, our standard ( £ 120.00) or quoted fee will apply.

These include but are not limited to, corporate, matrimonial, relationship, finding people, background checks and many other professional and affodable private investigator services. Browse the listings and make a short list of experts to. If you need professional help, visit our directory of investigation professionals to hire an investigator who specializes in social media investigations, online fraud, and/or catfish investigations.

Like all services, you expect value for money. For detailed and specific pricing, please contact one of our investigators. These will vary depending on what you want the pi to do, but can include a variety of documents, photographs, or general information.

In addition, proceeding in a personal or business relationship without one can be very costly. Philippine pi™ provides philippines private detective services to uncover important evidence that meets the needs of our global clients. Minimum fees to hire a lawyer.

Bring as much relevant information as possible. For example, if you want the pi to. Learn more about the different types of private investigation and how each case will work below.

Cubao, quezon city, metro manila(appointments only). Research would cost p500 per hour. The average salary for a private investigator is $20.53 per hour per hour.

The “acceptance fee” of a lawyer to defend a person accused in a criminal case starts at p30,000 for the lowest level court such as the municipal trial court in cities. We offer a wide range of services such as due diligence,. Full day service in all other locations not stated above starts at 14,500 pesos per.

Your location, the pi’s experience and the specific services you’re requesting can influence hourly rates.

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