Chevy Cruze Battery Saver Active Car Wont Start

Chevy Cruze Battery Saver Active Car Wont Start. Here are some of the most common issues that cause a vehicle to not crank: For the last few months, i've been getting the message battery saver active.

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There can be many reasons why your cruze won’t start. If your chevy cruze has a battery saver active message on the dash and will not start it is usually a sign of a problem with your vehicle's charging system. On certain 2011 2015 model year chevrolet cruze vehicles, the negative battery cable terminal clamp may have an insufficient crimp at the battery negative terminal.

Went Out Today And Will Not Turn Over.

On the way i received the battery saver active (again) and was hoping the 12v would recharge on the trip. I am able to unlock my car via the fob and then i put my key in the ignition. Chevy cruze battery saver active car wont start /.

The Most Likely Problem Is That There Is Something Wrong With Your Battery.

Service stabilitrak chevy cruze car won't start. I've had the battery and the alternator checked, and they're both fine. Asked by audry aug 02, 2017 at 06:46 pm about the 2011 chevrolet cruze ls sedan fwd.

My Car Won't Crank And Clicks When Turning Over.

Put car on charger, been driving for a week no issues. Perhaps your new alternator has a bad voltage regulator which is preventing the alternator from charging at the expected rate. All lights come on the dashboard like normal and everything works fine.

On Certain 2011 2015 Model Year Chevrolet Cruze Vehicles, The Negative Battery Cable Terminal Clamp May Have An Insufficient Crimp At The Battery Negative Terminal.

If you are getting a “battery saver active” message, it means that your cruze’s electrical system voltage has dropped to a critical level (less than 11.7 volts). I give it a jump start it will run for a while, i. Looks like my 12v battery gave out today.

Car Won't Start After Sitting, Battery Seems Like It's Getting Drained.

#2 · mar 4, 2013. But, there are less things to troubleshoot than if it were cranking but will not start. Went back out and tried to start it, nothing.